Issara's Strategic Partners Program engages global brands and retailers in a collaborative approach to address risks of trafficking and forced labour, with measurable results. 

Issara launched its Strategic Partners Program in January 2016, following the conclusion of its successful two-year pilot program, which worked with 10 private sector partners to investigate and resolve labour rights issues in Thailand's export-oriented supply chains for seafood. The program has expanded from seafood to other industries, such as fruits, vegetables, spices, sauces and poultry, and continues to work with global brands and retailers, as well as local suppliers, to conduct supply chain analysis and identify solutions to supply chain risks where issues are found.


Hotline posters, and information on how to call for assistance, are distributed at partners' facilities, providing Issara with unique visibility of what is happening in partner supply chains. This intelligence, coupled with data gathered through Issara's Inclusive Labour Monitoring™ method (starting with community engagement, followed by workplace assessments, and interviews with workers, management, and field experts) allows the Issara team to produce risk reports for global brands and retailers, and collaborate with suppliers to develop effective, inclusive, labour improvement plans.  

Benefits to global buyers

Issara inclusive labour monitoring

Receive greater visibility of issues within your supply chain through up-to-date verified information from our 24-hour nationwide hotline, worker networks, and fieldwork -- findings and analysis that audits are not able to provide.

Supporting worker voice

Provide workers in your supply chain with continuous access to trusted information, support and advice through a wide variety of communications channels, enabling workers and communities to make increasingly informed choices.

Receive bi-annual risk reports providing you with an overview of issues identified within your supply chain, as well as solutions that have been implemented.


Use worker voice data and analytics to drive remediation of labour risks and abuses within your supply chain, as well as more ethical buying decisions within your business. 

Reduce possible trafficking risks and address labour issues, in a concrete and practical way -- solutions are devised in collaboration with suppliers, with technical support from Issara's local technical staff, and monitored through worker voice.  

Enable exploited workers to access support services and funds that meet international quality of care standards by contributing to Issara's Victim Support Fund.


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