Issara Strategic Partners Program

Global brands, retailers, importers, and agents joining forces to promote empowered worker voice and support improvements in labour recruitment and management across extended supply chains in Southeast Asia.


Issara's Inclusive Labour Monitoring (ILM) system works across the entire supply chain, from vessels and smallholders to processors and exporters, as well as labour recruitment agencies in source and destination countries.  Through business partnership, data and analytics, and empowered worker voice and worker voice technology, the collaborative approach of the Strategic Partners program is yielding groundbreaking results.

We currently operate in the seafood, petcare, agriculture, poultry, garments, footwear, and electronics industries.  The role of global buyers in eliminating human trafficking from supply chains is critical, and Issara invites global brands, retailers, and importers to join forces with other pioneering companies to make a real, measurable difference in the lives of the workers throughout your supply chains.

Issara is, at heart, an anti-trafficking non-profit organization with a passion for data, innovation, and impact.  As such, Issara - in addition to conducting supply chain improvement work with business partners - undertakes other programming, research, and technology product development with support from donors and foundations that complements and enhances our private sector engagement and ability to drive innovation and positively impact broader industry reform.


  • Unsurpassed up-to-date primary data on conditions in supply chains from varied sources, including current and former workers, community members, and suppliers and recruitment agencies.  At a micro level, ILM provides ongoing monitoring of the supplier base from numerous data streams, as compared with point-in-time audits - risk reporting across your entire supply chain, with strong analytics, and data-driven research and advice.  At a more macro level, ILM provides in-depth, on-the-ground understanding of the business-enabling environment, and how actors operate and are linked across all tiers of your supply chains.

  • Free technical support and training for your suppliers to mitigate risk, strengthen systems, and improve the timeliness and appropriateness of remediation.  Especially important is support to strengthening suppliers' and recruiters' own grievance mechanisms, for long-term sustainability.  Suppliers also get the opportunity to tap into Issara's ethical recruitment programs, operating in both source and destination countries, in partnership with recruitment agencies, governments, and civil society.

  • The opportunity, as a global buyer, to have direct access to the voices, perspectives, and knowledge of workers in your supply chain, and to stand behind, support, and benefit from empowered worker voice and worker voice technology tools, for the dual purposes of remediation and due diligence (not just due diligence).

  • The opportunity, as a global buyer, to be a part of a larger movement to drive more empowering, effective, and sustainable approaches to remediation of labour risks and abuses, and support to exploited workers including victims of trafficking and forced labour.  Issara Strategic Partners are proud partners and leaders!  Their logos are all placed on the Issara website - check them out below!