Strategic Partnerships

Issara's work is built on a partnerships approach, linking global brands and retailers, regional suppliers, technical experts, and local service providers to coordinate targeted action to eliminate trafficking in global supply chains.

Global Brands & Retailers

Issara works closely with its strategic partners to identify and address supply chain risks related to trafficking and forced labour. Through our Strategic Partners Program, we engage businesses in supply chain analysis and improvement plans, supporting them in engaging suppliers to make changes where necessary. In addition businesses support Issara's Victim Support work, and participate in a range of Working Groups targeting key issues in ethical sourcing. 


Regional Suppliers

Regional suppliers are crucial to Issara's work as the primary employers of thousands of workers with direct capacity to make changes to the way workers are supported and protected. Issara works closely with regional suppliers like Thai Union to implement solutions to labour risks in ways that improve business systems, and engage the feedback and experiences of workers. Issara also works with regional suppliers to provide safe new jobs with legal documentation to workers who have been rescued from situations of trafficking and forced labour.

Technical Partners

Issara draws on the expertise of a range of technical partners to ensure the Institute is built on relevant, up-to-date research and experience. Partners include experts in anti-trafficking, victim protection, ethical sourcing, technology development, data analytics, fisheries, international human rights law and more.

Local Service Providers


As part of its victim support work, Issara also partners with with various local service providers across the region, including in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. 


Together, we work to provide comprehensive assistance to migrant communities, and victims of trafficking and their families through shelter, legal and financial support, healthcare, and economic empowerment. 

Issara is supported by a variety of donors, ranging from international foundations and governments to private philanthropic funds. We work closely with donor partners including Anesvad, Freedom Fund, Humanity United, Equitas, Walmart Foundation, USAID, and the U.S. Department of State, among others, to deliver programming, research, and technology product development which enhances the lives of workers and migrant communities.


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