Slavery Free & Ethical Recruitment Systems

Exploitative recruitment agents and brokers networks are rife across Southeast Asia, with serious impacts for worker safety and welfare. This working group will look at models for "crowding out" exploitative business practices through initiatives, such as the development of cleaner migration pathways and the piloting of new ethical sourcing and recruitment channels.

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In 2016, the Issara Working Group on Slavery Free Recruitment Systems, published a landscape analysis of employer-pays models and other solutions being implemented by global businesses to address risks around recruitment. In 2017, the focus for the working group will be on better understanding the specific challenges around recruitment between Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia, and the practical actions that can be taken to address these issues. As a first step, we would like to invite all partners to participate in our online forum, to identify key working group priorities for the year. 

Issara Institute has received funding from Walmart Foundation to launch an ethical recruitment pilot in Thailand & Myanmar in 2017. Learning and research will be shared with Strategic Partners, and opportunities for implementing pilot activities within Strategic Partner supply chains will also be explored, with a number of Thai-based suppliers already seeking Issara's support throughout the recruitment process.

Published Papers & Resources

Slavery Free Recruitment Systems:

A Landscape Analysis of Fee-Free Recruitment Systems

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