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Request for Expression of Interest (EoI) for civil society organization partners  

Issara Institute has recently signed a Five Year General Agreement with SWC and is developing a project agreement. Hence, Issara Institute invites EOI from the relevant Nepali non-governmental organizations/ civil society actors interested in partnering with Issara Institute to implement the development projects being supported by the Issara Institute subject to the approval of the GoN/Social Welfare Council (SWC). Nepali non-governmental organizations/ civil society organizations working in Koshi, Madhesh, Bagmati, and Lumbini provinces are invited to submit expressions of interest until March 15th , 2024. 

Issara Institute projects aim to tackle worker empowerment and migration issues, partnering with local organizations in the labor migration sector to educate and empower workers, and leveraging partnerships with global brands, retailers, and suppliers to create better work and migration opportunities for Nepali migrant workers.  

For queries please write an email to:

Note: Late submission of the proposal or any phone calls or unsolicited emails shall form the basis for disqualification from the selection process. 




Issara Institute offers rewarding careers for talented, proactive professionals interested in leveraging their skills and creativity to drive more ethical supply chains, and make a real difference in the lives of workers.  For all of the following opportunities, please click on the links to view detailed job descriptions.


We welcome all qualified candidates to submit a CV and cover letter expression of interest and qualifications to:




We also offer internships for students who are currently matriculated in a graduate or professional academic program!  Graduate internships typically focus on either mixed methods research or partnerships and communications.  Interns are ideally able to dedicate at least 6 months to Issara Institute, and longer is welcome.

Applications for internships are accepted year-round on a rolling basis, and we welcome all qualified candidates to submit a CV, cover letter expression of interest and qualifications, and letter of support from your professor advisor to:

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