we believe we can transform the lives of millions of workers in global supply chains through worker voice, partnership & innovation

Issara Institute is an independent NGO (US 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation) based in Southeast Asia and the United States tackling issues of human trafficking and forced labour through technology, partnership, and innovation. The Institute was established in 2014 by a team of anti-trafficking experts coming out of the United Nations who created an alliance of private sector, civil society, and government partners to address labour issues in global supply chains.

We have linked over 150,000 migrant workers into Issara's Inclusive Labour Monitoring system - empowering them with worker voice and channels for information, assistance, and remediation.


Over the last three years, 19,978 of these workers were found to be in forced labour and human trafficking situations - but no longer are - due to Issara intervention.


2014-2019 Key Impact and Organization Metrics - click here!

In 2018, 45,336 workers in the supply chains of Issara Strategic Partners benefited from improvements in their working conditions through Issara-supported remediation, with collaboration from their employers (the suppliers of our Strategic Partners).  Of these 45,336 workers, 8,448 were in forced labour situations. 


Over the past 3 years, the situations of 19,978 workers in forced labour and human trafficking situations were remedied - most often situations of abuses of power leading to forced overtime that was excessive and not fairly remunerated; control over freedom of movement through document retention and debt bondage; and, denial of a range of benefits including paid sick leave and annual leave.

We also reached 75,575 jobseekers and workers in 2019!  Issara worker voice channels (multi-lingual hotline, Facebook messenger, and smartphone messaging apps Line and Viber) received up to 3,570 calls and messages in some months - significantly more traffic than the US and UK national anti-trafficking hotlines combined.  

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NEW!  A Recruitment Journey

Check out our new video, just screened at the 2019 Issara Global Forum, which highlights the recruitment journey of a Burmese worker coming to Thailand, the pitfalls he encountered along the way, and his messages on safeguarding job seekers and workers and moving to an ethical recruitment process.



Check it out here, including our newly organized video/mini-documentary library, and 2 new reports on worker voice technologies and labour risks in the Indonesian and Thai fishing industries.






Launched in late 2017!  Includes identification and elimination of first-mile debts and fees.

How do we do it?


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Issara Institute, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States, and a registered non-profit foundation in Thailand.  All donations are tax deductible.

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